Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Springfest 2011 concludes with mud tug-of-war

Students at the University of Illinois Springfield will not soon forget Springfest 2011, a week-long event that featured a variety of fun and educational competitions.

This year's competition ended in a tie with the teams “X-Men in Black” and “The Aqua’holic’ man & his 14 Fantastic Loco's” both taking first place. More than 30 teams, which were comprised of over 400 students, entered the competition.

The week ended with the annual mud tug-of-war, which has become a staple of the Springfest tradition. The rope, which has been used in the competition for the past 18 years, broke as students battled for the championship. It was quickly repaired and action continued as students tried to avoid the mud!

For more information on Springfest visit the Student Life website.

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