Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mashed Potato Sculpting a tradition at UIS Homecoming

UIS students rolled up their sleeves and got messy during one of the first events celebrating Homecoming 2010.

Mashed Potato Sculpting is a tradition that was started 3 years ago by Assistant Director of Student Life Beth Hoag. Students used food coloring, glitter, wiggly eyes and much more to pull off their creations.

“At first I was a little apprehensive. I was like touching these wouldn’t be fun, but its actually not that bad. It’s kind of just like a giant ball of play doh,” said Emily Newcomb, a sophomore at UIS.

It takes 25 pounds of mashed potatoes to pull off the sculpting and students added flour to make them “extra stiff”.

“It’s just messy and you’re not really use to sculpting with food,” said Randy Knuppel, a senior accounting & business major.

The spud creations were judged based on creativity and students got extra points for basing their creation on the Homecoming theme “Where Stars are Born”. The winner of the contest was rewarded with a $50 gift card.

For a full list of Homecoming events visit the Student Life website

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