Thursday, August 25, 2011

Involvement Expo presents students with a wide range of opportunities

Hundreds of students crowded the University of Illinois Springfield quad during the annual Involvement Expo to learn more about student organizations, campus departments, community agencies, and local businesses.

“It’s a great opportunity to find your niche on campus,” said Trevor Lister, Student Life graduate assistant. “There are so many diverse opportunities here.”

Sophomore Lyssa Barth has learned the importance of being active on campus. She’s still involved with many of the organizations she signed up for at last year’s Involvement Expo. This year she came to see what was new.

“I know that the programs here are incredibly amazing and I can get a lot of information,” said Barth.

For freshman Jillian Risinger, the experience is a bit overwhelming, but she knows the importance of staying active. Already in her residence hall, she’s been keeping the door open, introducing herself and trying to meet new people.

“That helps people walk over and get to know you, so that’s just when me and my roommate have been doing. It’s been working pretty well,” said Risinger.

While it’s good to be involved, Barth cautions new students that it is important to know your limit and not overload yourself.

“As a freshmen, I signed up for everything and then I had this huge inbox of like 30,000 things, but by all means if you can handle it go ahead and sign up,” said Barth.

More than 100 organizations participated in this year’s Involvement Expo.

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