Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Homecoming 2009: Mashed Potato sculpting

University of Illinois Springfield students got creative with a popular mashed vegetable during Homecoming Week 2009.

Assistant Director of Student Life Beth Hoag came up with the idea for mashed potato sculpting last year. The event was such big hit she decided to bring it back again with a few rules. Students had to design something based on UIS or the homecoming theme “There’s No Place Like Homecoming”.

UIS Food Service prepared 25 pounds of “extra stiff” potatoes for students to use. They decorated the mashed wonders with everything from food coloring to feathers and glitter.

“It’s almost like play doh just a little softer,” said junior business major Baily Meek. “I wouldn’t have expected it to be like that”.

Volunteers judged each design on creativity and theme. The winner of the contest was rewarded with a $50 gift card.

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