Wednesday, April 7, 2010

UIS Health Awareness Week offers lifesaving screenings and education

The University of Illinois Springfield Campus Health Service and the Master of Public Health Student Association hosted a health fair providing screens and educational services on Wednesday, April 7.

Students, faculty, staff and community members were invited to take part in the annual event, which celebrates National Public Health Week.

“Prevention is key. A lot of times people don’t know they have a problem and if it can be detected early they can prevent it from becoming worse,” said Jill Stoops, UIS Campus Health Service nurse practitioner.

Stoops hopes health fairs like this one will help catch problems early by offering blood glucose, blood pressure, body fat testing, bone density and HIV screenings.

“I’ve actually had a few people from the community who have come, who have had high blood pressure and didn’t know it or high cholesterol,” she said.

UIS invited outside health providers like Memorial Medical Center and St. John’s Hospital to help with the screenings. Other on-campus health services like the Counseling Center were also represented.

“Education and just awareness is such a good tool and a good key to keeping people happy and living a successful life,” said Michelle Skotzke, UIS Counseling Center graduate assistant.

The Counseling Center helps student’s cope with stress related issues or other mental health problems that may be impacting their lives.

UIS Health Awareness Week runs through Friday, April 9. Organizers have a week full of activities planned, which include speakers and other presentations. Learn more by visiting our previous news release on the event.

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