Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ambassador Series welcomes world leaders to Springfield

The University of Illinois Springfield and WSEC-TV Ambassador Series welcome leaders from around the world to Springfield each year. The goal of the six part series is to share what we have in common and learn how we can work together.

“It affords us an opportunity that really is unprecedented anywhere in the United States to regularly visit, mingle with, ask questions and hear directly from ambassadors of other countries,” said Vicki Megginson, UIS associate chancellor for development.

During a recent visit His Excellency Vassilis Kaskarelis, Greek Ambassador to the United States spoke about the economic problems facing his country. Greece has been in the news lately because of its dire financial situation and the European Union’s response and rescue.

“Many of us could think about very clearly parallels in our own economy and maybe lessons we can learn from each other,” said Megginson.

The ambassadors have the opportunity to speak with Springfield’s business, government, and community leaders. During their presentations, the ambassadors share business, economic, and political insights. A question-and-answer period follows.

“I’ve been attending the ambassador’s series for a number of years and I just find it fascinating and wonderful and so educational,” said Gwenn Klingler, a former state representative and friend of UIS.

WSEC-TV records all the events for broadcast on its network and for other PBS stations. The Ambassador Series is held at either the Dove Conference Center at St. John’s Hospital or the Sangamon Auditorium lobby at UIS.

The upcoming Ambassador Series will start this fall and will feature the Syrian ambassador on October 27, 2010 and the ambassador from Kazakhstan on April 6, 2011. Discussions are also in the works to bring the Korean and Bulgarian ambassadors to Springfield. Organizers also hope to feature an ambassador from a South American country.

For more information on the next Ambassador Series and to register visit the UIS Office of Development website

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