Friday, June 11, 2010

Freshman Orientation welcomes students and parents to campus

The University of Illinois Springfield will welcome hundreds of incoming freshman students to campus over the next several weeks as part of orientation.

The experience is designed to assist students, parents and other family members in making the transition to university life. All new first-year students are required to participate in one of the four summer introductory sessions.

“We help them get to know the campus, register for classes and kind of be a friendly face when they come back,” said Jenna Viehweg, a senior psychology major giving tours.

Orientation gives students a chance to meet with their adviser, take placement exams and make sure their immunization records are in order.

“I’m pretty excited. I think this place looks great,” said parent Mary Fyfe. “It’s like a private school with a public school price.”

Edward Bempong, director of the Center for First Year Students says while students are often ready to go to college, its parents who have a hard time.

“I think our parents are the ones that are most anxious and most scared, so for us as staff we’re actually trying to be here for our parents,” said Bempong.

Students taking part in orientation are offered the opportunity to spend a night in Lincoln Residence Hall, giving them a taste of college life. Other events are designed to show off campus activities and get students talking to each other through icebreaker sessions.

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