Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Scholarship Luncheon brings students and donors together

The Office of Development at the University of Illinois Springfield hosted the 2010 Scholarship Luncheon on Tuesday, November 9, 2010 in the Sangamon Auditorium lobby.

The luncheon gave students a chance to meet the donors who provided the funding for their scholarships face-to-face. The event was also a great opportunity for students to network and make connections.

“I really enjoyed it because I got to see who the people are who gave me the scholarship,” said Cameryn Barbeau, a freshman scholarship recipient.

Associate Chancellor of Development Vicki Megginson says the number of scholarships available to UIS students have been growing, but there’s still a demand.

“We have more students in line who need help,” said Megginson.

For students like scholarship recipient Jordan Herd the extra support will help balance the financial demands of an education and raising a family.

“I have a little daughter, so it helps me because it allows me to be able to worry more with her and not be so focused on how I’m going to pay for school,” said Herd.

UIS Chancellor Harry Berman says with the rising cost of education and declining state funding support scholarships are becoming even more important.

“Scholarships can make the difference in a person’s life to make it possible for them to complete their bachelor’s degree and go onto have a wonderful future,” said Berman.

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