Thursday, May 17, 2012

Massive sculpture by renowned artist John Henry to be installed at UIS

WHAT: John Henry, a sculptor known worldwide for his large-scale public works of art, will be at the University of Illinois Springfield to oversee the installation of Dodger, a sculpture donated to UIS by Robert and Ruth Vogele.

WHEN: Tuesday, May 22, 2012 at 11 a.m.

WHERE: “Teardrop” drive in front of the Public Affairs Center at UIS

DETAILS: John Henry’s Dodger, is a large yellow sculpture, constructed of linear steel elements arranged to intertwine in dramatic fashion. Henry’s trademark style has been described as “drawing in space” in such a way that his sculptures deny the weight of the separate elements and appears to reach into the sky. Once installed, the sculpture will stand 15 feet high, and extend to a length of 25 feet and width of 12 feet.

Robert and Ruth Vogele, who collect primarily art from the 1940 through the present, have previously given over 20 works of art by contemporary artists to UIS. Displayed in “The Robert & Ruth Vogele Print and Sculpture Collection” in University Hall Building at UIS, the Vogele Collection adds to UIS’ growing collection of museum quality art.

“We are creating an impressive campus-wide art gallery, accessible to everyone on campus, including community visitors,” said Vicki Megginson, associate chancellor of development. “Art collectors like the Vogeles have added artistic beauty, interest, and drama to UIS.”

The sculpture will reside in the “teardrop” drive leading to the UIS Public Affairs Center. It will draw the eye from two other large-scale sculptures situated farther north on Ernest Hemingway Drive: “Window’s Edge” by Robert Dixon and “Impermanent Column” by Tom Skomski.

For more information, contact Vicki Megginson at 217/206-7822 or

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