Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Scavenger Hunt kicks off 21st annual UIS Springfest

Over 350 students helped to kick off Springfest 2014 with the annual Scavenger Hunt on April 14, 2014. Springfest is one of the longest running student traditions on campus, which started in 1992.

Scavenger Hunt participants were given a surprise list of over 200 items to collect during a one-hour period. Points were awarded based on the number of total items collected.

“It’s a really big team builder because students get to go together and try and find items in their homes, they have fun finding the weird items,” said Leanne Deak, Student Activities Committee traditions co-chair.

Students were not allowed to use cars, bikes, or other transportation and had to collect all of the items on campus.

“I love Springfest,” said Jacquie Levine, a senior Global Studies major. “It’s kind of the highlight of my year, every year, at UIS.”

While some items on the list were straightforward, other items were a little harder to locate. Some of the stranger items on this year’s list included a pair of apple bottom jeans, boots with the fur, and a tent.

For a complete list of Springfest activities, visit https://www.facebook.com/Springfest2013AtUIS.

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