Thursday, February 16, 2012

UIS hosts annual Springfield Collegiate Career Fair at TRAC

The University of Illinois Springfield Career Development Center, along with other local colleges and universities, hosted the 14th Annual Springfield Collegiate Career Fair on February 16, 2012 at The Recreation and Athletic Center (TRAC).

The fair moved this year from the Public Affairs Center to TRAC. Nearly 110 employers from retail, state government, business, and other sectors attended the event.

“The employers are saying they actually have more students and community members stopping at each one of their tables and there’s more time to talk because there’s so much more room,” said Rachel Lattimore, employee relations coordinator for the UIS Career Development Center.

Students like Abena Afreh and Laura Rabe came to the career fair looking for internship opportunities. They left with a sense of accomplishment, hoping they will soon be getting a phone call.

“I definitely think I got some good leads coming here today,” said Rabe, a senior Business Administration major. “I’m looking at going into government work. Springfield’s definitely the place to get into that.”

Others like Communication graduate student Michelle Uher came to the fair searching for full-time employment. She’s set to graduate in May.

“I’ve actually got a couple of job interviews today, so we’ll see how those turn out and we’ll find out if I have any other potential bridges to cross,” said Uher.

Even though the Collegiate Career Fair is over, the UIS Career Development Center offers assistance for students year-round. For more on services available, visit their website at

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