Friday, March 12, 2010

Cyber Defense and Disaster Recovery Conference brings national experts to UIS

The University of Illinois Springfield hosted the 7th annual Cyber Defense and Disaster Recovery Conference on Friday, March 12 in the Public Affairs Center.

“Protecting yourself and your business from international threats” was the focus of the conference organized by UIS' Computer Science department, in conjunction with InfraGard Springfield, an initiative of the FBI, and CSSIA, a regional center for cyber security. The event was open to businesses, schools and others who wanted to learn more about cyber security.

“We are really trying to bring something unique to the area. We don’t get too many speakers of that great quality in the central Illinois area,” said Janis Rose, UIS Computer Science Instructor and coordinator of the event.

Presentations covered topics on the present and growing risk to businesses and individuals from international threats, both by cyber and physical means.

“I’m liking the hands on experience because I can now take that back to my employer and use those skills,” said Derek Murray, a UIS graduate student.

Murray earned his undergraduate degree from UIS in Computer Science and is now working on his master’s degree, while working for a major insurance company. He has been looking forward to the conference as a means of professional development.

“It’s a way to get and exchange new ideas from some experts in the field both known nationally and internationally,” said Murray.

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