Monday, October 26, 2009

International Festival brings world to UIS campus

The University of Illinois Springfield hosted the 32nd Annual International Festival on Sunday, October 25, 2009 in the Public Affairs Center.

The festival allowed participants to take a trip around the world in only a matter of minutes. Each PAC conference room was organized to be a different part of the world with Asian, European, American and African culture represented.

Students and community members preformed music and dance from different parts of the world in the Studio Theatre. Springfield restaurants donated native food for visitors to enjoy.

“Having people from different parts of the world interact with each other, learn from each other, appreciate one another is not only educational, but it helps us to get along better with one another,” said Rick Lane, UIS Director of International Student Services.

The International Festival has grown each year and organizers say more than 500 visitors took part in this year’s festival.

The theme for the International Festival was “Dancing Under the Stars” in recognition of the International Year of Astronomy.

Watch a slideshow featuring the International Festival:

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